Boosie Badazz commented on Kanye West’s flirtation with running for president during an interview with Vlad TV. The Baton Rouge-bred rapper shared a blunt assessment of Yeezy’s actions and pointed to the G.O.O.D. Music founder’s need for recognition.

“Kanye’s fucking crazy,” he said. “I think Kanye’s infatuated with fame.”

Boosie also expressed concern over how Kanye and the Kardashian family operate. The outspoken rapper believes ‘Ye isn’t earnest, which makes Boosie question the Grammy Award winner’s true intentions.

“I just feel like everything is … it’s not right with those people, sometimes,” he told DJ Vlad. “You know I’m a fan of Kanye’s hustle. You know I’m a fan of Kardashian’s hustle, but I just feel like a lot of times Kanye be reaching. Like if you gon’ be one way, you stay one way. That’s how I am. I’m real all the way through.”

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Boosie then recalled one of the most famous incidents in Kanye’s life. He wondered why Yeezy called out George Bush for not caring about Black people during a Hurricane Katrina telethon but never had anything negative to say about Donald Trump.

“You gonna say George Bush don’t like Black people when your career blowing off then you gonna go back and you don’t say nothing to Trump and tell him he don’t like Black people?” Boosie asked. “And you gonna put a hat on and be with him in front of him? It feels like he’s doing that shit for gain at certain times in life.”

He added, “Trump hates Black people. It’s a fact. And if a Black person vote for him, I can’t look at you the same.”

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