Los Angeles, CA - 

As Tory Lanez awaits his October court date for a felony gun charge, footage of the dramatic police stop is making the rounds.

On Wednesday (July 15), TMZ released a video clip of both Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion getting pulled over in a black SUV as multiple officers swam the vehicle with guns drawn. Police caught up with the pair after receiving a call about five gunshots involving a vehicle matching their ride.

Lanez and Megan are immediately detained and put in handcuffs along with another unidentified woman.

Meanwhile, the sound of a helicopter is heard hovering overhead as Meg says, “My hands are up.”

After a search of the SUV, Lanez was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon in a vehicle. Although Megan wasn’t taken into custody, a police report noted she had an injury to her foot. She was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment and released.

Tory Lanez Just Picked Up A Felony — But Twitter Can't Stop Talking About His Height

Lanez, on the other hand, was booked into L.A. County jail and released after posting a $35,000 bond. Following his release, Lanez became the butt of Twitter jokes once people realized his height was listed as 5’3 on the police report.