Well, this is close to what Freddie Gibbs wanted. Only two days after the Bandana MC said he was going to “torture” Akademiks until he quit his job, the powers that be at Complex have taken matters into their own hands.

On Thursday (July 2), the Everyday Struggle co-host announced he’d been suspended for at least the next two episodes for his disparaging remarks about supermodel Chrissy Teigen.

Naturally, Gibbs — who’s been engaged in an online war with the media personality for days — seized the moment to drop a silly meme from Big Fendi with his head photoshopped on a funeral attendee’s body.

He included a tweet that read, “Complex has suspended @Akademiks for his comments toward @chrissyteigen. He will be apologizing to her on the next EDS episode. Twitch has banned Akademiks for promoting careless behavior (excessive drinking and ranting like a child). He will appeal.”

Gibbs wrote in the caption, “Just left a service for @akademiks. RIP.”

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Just left a service for @akademiks ?? RIP ⚰️

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Akademiks went on a late-night tirade via Twitch earlier this week and slammed Tiegen for allegedly dissing him online.

“It’s bewildering to me,” he said. “His bitch be talking mad shit online. What’s… I dislike this bitch so much, I can’t even lie to you. One time she sneak-dissed me so fuck that hoe. Straight up and John Legend could hear that. Don’t have your bitch dissing me because I don’t give two fucks about none of y’all niggas.”

He continued, “One time she was sneak dissing me. I don’t play that. I don’t care if you John Legend’s bitch or any other bitch. How about you take that fucking big ass mouth of yours and that fucking weird ass looking face and start promoting your man’s album and maybe he wouldn’t do 25,000 fucking first week.”

Akademiks Tells John Legend To Check His 'Bitch' Chrissy Teigen

During Akademiks’ recent video announcement, he admitted his initial comments about Teigen were disrespectful.

“I definitely wanna start off by kind of like apologizing for some of the stuff that’s been going on outside the show,” he said. “In particular … I think I definitely went over the line when I was disrespecting women. It just wasn’t right. After thinking about it, even seeing the clip, it’s nasty.

“Truth be told, given everything that’s going on not only the world, given what’s going on with the current climate at Complex and also former employees and current employees , also working with Nadeska, someone I have a lot of love for, I just felt it was completely out of pocket.”

Check out his full apology below.