Akademiks isn’t a fan of Chrissy Teigen.

During a Twitch stream the media personality was hosting on Tuesday (June 30), Teigen’s name came up when he got to her husband John Legend’s new album sales. Finding it laughable Legend sold roughly 26,000 units of Bigger Love in the first week, Akademiks decided to revisit an apparent issue he’s had with the supermodel for some time now.

“It’s bewildering to me,” he said. “His bitch be talking mad shit online. What’s… I dislike this bitch so much, I can’t even lie to you.”

He went on to briefly explain the root of the issue and warned Legend he wasn’t playing.

“One time she sneak-dissed me so fuck that hoe,” Akademiks said. “Straight up and John Legend could hear that. Don’t have your bitch dissing me because I don’t give two fucks about none of y’all niggas.”

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He then launched into a long-winded rant on exactly why Teigen is Enemy No. 1.

“One time she was sneak dissing me,” he explained. “I don’t play that. I don’t care if you John Legend’s bitch or any other bitch. How about you take that fucking big ass mouth of yours and that fucking weird ass looking face and start promoting your man’s album and maybe he wouldn’t do 25,000 fucking first week. ‘

“Cause you got all the jokes and when you’re tryna get at niggas you think you’re the smartest, cutest, funniest thing possible but your man is still fucking flopping. He’s a legend doing 25,000 – that’s a fucking flop.”

He continued on, telling both Legend and Teigen to “suck a dick,” among other things.

Akademiks also called out Freddie Gibbs in the video amid their ongoing beef, as well as celebrity jeweler Ben Baller.

Check out the clip below.