The feud between Akademiks and Freddie Gibbs has brought one of Nipsey Hussle’s old interviews back into the conversation. A clip of the late rapper dissing Akademiks during an appearance on Chicago radio station 107.5 WGCI has regained traction on social media.

“He’s a buster,” Nipsey said when asked about the co-host of Complex’s Everyday Struggle. “He’s a weirdo. Niggas’ll whoop his ass in real life. He’s behind the camera and you guys let clowns be clowns, man. I was on Everyday Struggle and I walked out just because I’m not a clown. I don’t come from that world. You make jokes about [it], we used to fuck niggas up for trying to film fights.”

He added, “He got a little internet run he going on, but we gotta just let him self-destruct because he’s on the path.”

In 2018, Akademiks claimed Nipsey was taking shots at him to get press for the Victory Lap album. The two traded jabs on Twitter before the public dispute settled down.

“We spoke on the phone,” Akademiks said in a livestream. “We gon’ leave it like that. It’s no more back-and-forth with the words. I gave him my word. He gave me his word. So, I would like to leave that there.”

Freddie Gibbs Vows To 'Torture' Akademiks Until He Quits His Job

The internet personality is currently involved in a beef with Freddie Gibbs after saying the Warner Records rapper is “irrelevant.” Both men exchanged insults via social media with Gibbs declaring he would “torture” Akademiks until Ak quits his job.

Revisit what Nipsey had to say about Akademiks above and how it ended below.