Snoop Dogg is never shy about using social media to make his voice heard, and he’s been exercising it more than ever amid the protests and the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Thursday (June 11), the veteran rapper unloaded multiple clips blasting the NFL and the NCAA for separate issues. Snoop called out NFL owners for not being vocal about racial injustice and warned them they will be on the Summer Jam screen if the silence remains.

“Have anybody seen any NFL owners since all this been going down?” Snoop questioned. “NFL owners, the owners of the teams, the 32 owners, the ones that won’t give Colin Kaepernick a job? The ones that won’t give a black man a general managing job. The ones who won’t allow another black man to own a team. Where the fuck are the NFL owners at? Hmm? Where y’all at?

“Y’all make all that fucking money and don’t have shit to say when this type of shit happen. But you wanna ban Colin Kaepernick, don’t want to give him a job, blackball him. NFL owners, y’all better get y’all shit right before the spotlight becomes on y’all and we start realizing that y’all real racist too. I like NFL but if y’all not gon’ be right, fuck y’all! Owners, y’all need to say something nigga!”

Then switching gears, Snoop came for the NCAA over Reggie Bush. The star athlete’s disassociation with the University of Southern California came to an end on Wednesday (June 10) after he was stripped of his Heisman trophy years earlier.

“NCAA, y’all foul,” he said in the clip. “Been foul. The fuck you gon’ make USC disassociate from Reggie Bush and Reggie Bush is half of the reason why kids wanted to go to fucking USC? That’s why when y’all did that, the drop-off happened! They knew what they was doing. They didn’t want SC to win no more. But back to the subject at hand. NCAA, whoever the fuck need to give Reggie his Heisman back.”

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He continued, “If I was Reggie, I woulda never gave you muthafuckas that muthafucka. Y’all woulda had to take it out of my cold, dead hands. Reggie Bush deserves the Heisman. He won that muthafucka on the field. So what he got a few dollars? Y’all made millions off of Reggie! So what he made a few dollars? Now y’all gon’ start paying players in a minute. We want ours back. Reparations! Is that the word? Yeah. We need ours back. Reggie needs his Heisman. SC, break bread or fake dead! I’m on one this morning.”

As a closing word, Snoop added a meme that read, “Better be glad we want ‘equality’ and not ‘revenge.'”