Los Angeles, CA – B. Simone is receiving a lot of backlash for sharing her preference in dating — and Tory Lanez has added to the commentary.

On Tuesday morning (June 9), the comedian and social media personality appeared as a guest on Nick Cannon’s Power 106 radio show. During their conversation, Simone stated she preferred to date men whose lifestyle is more similar to hers, as people with traditional “9 to 5s” don’t always have the flexibility or understanding she needs.

The notion didn’t sit well with many on social media and Lanez’s reply echoed similar sentiments.

“Lolol I guess no one told my dog B.Simone that the world got ALOT of people who work a 9-5 THAT GET MORE MONEY THAN SOME OF OUR FAVORITE RAPPERS/ENTERTAINERS?!?!?!” he wrote on Twitter with laughing emojis. “For me on the other hand…all y’all ladies with 9-5s hit my line I got time.”

The original conversation didn’t mention income nor allude to it.

“He can’t have a 9 to 5,” Simone said when asked what kind of man she wants. “I mean, he can be a hustling entrepreneur.”

A seemingly incredulous Cannon needed clarification.

“Yes,” she responded when he asked if she’s looking for someone of “CEO status.” “I think entrepreneurs should date entrepreneurs.”

When Cannon noted there are people with “great jobs” working the traditional hours, she explained it’s about their day-to-day.

“I’m sure!” she said. “But no, you’re not going to understand my lifestyle. You’re not going to understand why I’m up at 3 a.m. You know, he has to be an entrepreneur … or moving into that direction.”

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If the conversation did address money, however, she wouldn’t need it from a man. The Atlanta-based personality, author and licensed beautician has several businesses, including a merch store and vegan and cruelty-free makeup line and has become a self-made millionaire since making a name for herself.