Lil Wayne appeared on an episode of Fat Joe’s Instagram Live show on Thursday night (May 28) where he was asked about the police killing of George Floyd. 

When Joe asked what he thought about the cop “stepping on his neck and all of that,” Wayne replied, “I think when we see these situations, I think we also have to understand that we have to get very specific. We have to get so specific.

“What I mean by that, we have to stop viewing it from such a broad view, meaning we have to stop placing the blame on the whole force and the whole everybody of a certain race, everybody with a badge. We have to actually get into who that person is. If we want to place the blame on anybody, it should be ourselves not doing more than what we think we’re doing.”

Wayne went on to explain why he doesn’t get involved in political issues and flatly stated he’d rather do nothing than simply fire off a tweet or wear a shirt with a hashtag.



“The reason people always ask me like, ‘Why you don’t say this? Why you don’t do that?’ is because what else am I going to do after that?” he continued. “Some people put out a tweet and think they did something. Some people wear a shirt and think they did something. Whatcha gonna do after that?

“Did you actually help the person? Did you help the family? Did you actually go out there and do something? If ain’t about to do all that, then I ain’t about to do nothing. I pray for you.”

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Weezy’s answer evidently didn’t sit well with Twitter and the multiplatinum-selling rapper was promptly roasted.



Several people reminded Twitter of his controversial 2016 interview with Nightline where he got noticeably agitated when asked about the Black Lives Matter and said, “I don’t feel connected to a damn thing that ain’t got nothin’ to do with me.” He later added, “My life matter … especially to my bitches.”

Check out some of the reactions below.