Like the rest of the world, the coronavirus pandemic is giving Waka Flocka Flame some extra time to think. It seems while doing some soul searching, the longtime rapper decided he’s going to embark on a different path.

On Sunday (May 25), Waka Flocka announced his new career goal via Twitter.

“I’m officially dedicating my life to suicide prevention and mental illness!!!” he wrote. “Y’all not alone Waka Flocka Flame is with y’all now!!!”

Waka Flocka appeared on the VICELAND series The Therapist in 2017 and spoke to Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh about the deaths of his two brothers.

“The only way I could get through it, I had to stay high,” he said at the time. “So I’m like ‘Fuck it, I’m gonna get high. I’m gonna pop me some pills. That’s how I’mma do it.’ That was my therapy. That was my addiction, [it] was pills.

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“From my perspective right now, I’m in a spot now [where] I just wanna clean out everything in the house. It took me, like, four years — almost four solid years — to get to where I’m at.”

Waka Flocka presumably sees the value in seeking help. He didn’t disclose any further details on his plan.

Waka has gone back and forth about his retirement from rap since 2011, but he recently made headlines when he claimed that he was “a wack rapper.”