In anticipation of the San Francisco 49ers winning Super Bowl Sunday’s match-up with the Kansas City Chiefs, the franchise paid Lil Wayne and DaBaby in full to do a full-out performance as a way to celebrate.

However, even though they had a 10-point lead, with seven minutes left in the game, the Chiefs ultimately won the Bowl 31-20. The loss didn’t stop the Niners’ from still turning up with Lil Wayne and DaBaby though, which left a bad taste in some sports fans’ mouth.

On Undisputed Thursday (February 6) morning, hosts Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe shared their thoughts on the losing Super Bowl team’s celebration with performances by Wayne and DaBaby.

Apparently, Wayne also jokingly asked a few times during his performance if they were okay with continuing the show after the loss of such a huge game. According to Skip, he actually spoke with Weezy about what went down.

“The 49ers clearly had a ‘let’s not worry about it too much’ attitude about the game,'” the Funeral artist reportedly told Skip via text message. “They truly believe they’ll be back next year. The confidence — it was scary. I also got to speak to Kyle [Shanahan] one-on-one and you could see he wasn’t hurt or upset, he was mad as hell.”

Niners coach Kyle Shanahan, however, is a big Lil Wayne fan and even named his son Carter after Tunechi. TMZ reports both rappers got paid six figures to perform for the team and their families.

Shannon doesn’t necessarily have an issue with the 49ers’ celebrating since people process things differently, however, he isn’t so sure he would have handled things the same way.

Skip says he would have made Lil Wayne’s performance contingent upon if the team won, but allow for Weezy to keep the money if they lose.

Watch Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discuss San Francisco 49ers partying after losing the Super Bowl above.

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