San Bernardino, CA – 2Mex has provided an update on his medical condition via Instagram. The Project Blowed vet, who is currently at St. Bernardine Medical Center in San Bernardino, shared two videos to the social media platform on Friday (December 6).

As he explains, the Visionaries MC is suffering from heart and kidney issues. He will know more information on his condition at the top of next week.

“I’ve got some kidney issues and some heart issues. I just wanted to say, if you could send some prayers and positive thoughts my way. I’m trying to get to a situation where I’m not going to be on dialysis. I hope not. If I do, then I do, but hopefully I don’t. I’ve got some issues with my heart. I guess my heart’s kind of weak or something. Even though my heart’s not weak. My heart is strong, but … you know what I mean.

“So yeah, heart issues and kidney issues. Hopefully things will be fine. I’m gonna stay positive. This Monday [December 9] and Tuesday [December 10], I’ll know better. I’ll be in the hospital until then. Well, I’ll be in the hospital for a minute. If you could send positive thoughts and prayers. Last time with the amputation, your prayers were so fucking positive that it helped me get out of here in record time. So, you know, I appreciate the kindness.”

2Mex also shared another Instagram clip of just a few of the things he has to endure while in the hospital. In the clip, he’s hooked up to several heart monitors and wearing a bracelet that states he’s a “fall risk.”

The Cali native has struggled with health issues for years. In 2016, his right leg was amputated due to complications stemming from diabetes. That hasn’t stopped him from touring and creating art. In 2017, he released his eighth solo album Lospital, which dove into his horrifying hospital experience.

“‘Lospital’ is just a made-up word like, ‘lost in the hospital,’” he explained to HipHopDX back in June 2017. “That was just my experience. I feel like we can get lost in a hospital because everyone is hurting — not just physically — but they might have lost their insurance or stuff like that. We’re being overwhelmed by too much noise, too many ads, too much medication … I rejected all that shit. I paid for it in pain.”

Prayers up.

[This article has been updated. The following was published on December 4, 2019.]

2Mex has been admitted to the hospital with congestive heart failure. The underground Los Angeles Hip Hop staple took to Instagram on Wednesday (December 4) and revealed he was currently at St. Bernardine Medical Center in San Bernardino, California.

“I guess im suffering from congenitive [sic] heart failure,” he wrote. “Being admitted into the hospital. Send positive vibes my way. Thank you.”

Prior to 2Mex’s latest post, he shared a video of himself hooked up to an IV with his prosthetic leg visible in the clip. He issues a smile and asks for “positive vibes.”

The tenured MC has struggled with health issues for years. In 2016, he underwent emergency surgery due to complications stemming from diabetes. His leg was amputated as a result.

2Mex, real name Alejandro Ocana, came up in the infamous Good Life Cafe scene as part of Project Blowed. He’s been in several groups, including the Visionaries, Of Mexican Decent, the Look Daggers with the late Ikey Owens and The Mind Clouders with producer Mums the Word.

In a 2017 interview with HipHopDX, 2Mex opened up about the amputation and how support from the Hip Hop community kept him going.

“I cannot lay in bed all day on drugs and quit on life,” 2Mex told DX at the time. “That’s just not me. With all the love I got from the Hip Hop community, friends and family, I never had a chance to be depressed. From the jump, the overpowering support was like, ‘I have to get better ’cause look at all this support.’ You can’t throw that away.”

Prayers up.