Lil Nas X has been in the headlines frequently this month — ever since his monster “Old Town Road” hit was stealthily removed from Billboard’s country charts.

With the spotlight on the viral hitmaker, it’s no shock he’s catching heat from some people regarding his moniker.

After all, there can be only one Nas, right?

It turns out Lil Nas X may not be Lil Nas X for long. On Tuesday (April 23), the Atlanta-bred artist took to Twitter and contemplated changing his name for obvious reasons.

“nas is a legend and i never meant any disrespect by my stage name,” he wrote. “i actually might change it in the future.”

Seasoned actor/old head Michael Rapaport, never one to keep his opinion to himself, chimed in on Lil Nas’ thread and had a few suggestions (loaded with a healthy dose of sarcasm, of course).

“How about Kareem Abdul Jabbar X? Or maybe Rober DeNiro X?” he wrote. “Those are original right?”

Lil Nas has caught flak from plenty of his elders, including Dave East  who called the chart-topping single “wack.” As a result, the Harlem MC was dragged on Twitter from here to old town road.

East ultimately blamed the internet for exaggerating the perceived hatred he has for the song.

“You gonna ask the lil nigga what he thinks about what I say, he ain’t supposed to give a fuck what I say,” East said. “I don’t give a fuck about what nobody says. I couldn’t even get mad [at him]. Internet tried to twist the whole shit.”

Revisit the song below.