Kodak Black ignited a wave of controversy after he made some sexually charged comments about Young M.A on his new song, “Pimpin Ain’t Easy.”

The Brooklyn rapper – who is openly gay — was far from impressed with his perceived homophobic lyrics and referred to Kodak as “weird.” In response, Kodak chastised her for not warming up to his strange advances.

Now, Baton Rouge rapper Fredo Bang is letting the world know how he feels about her in an Instagram video.

“Young M.A cuter than most of you hoes,” he says in the clip. “Y’all stupider than a muthafucka. You need some attractive tattoos, attractive clothes — if she don’t got a dick on her, I’m fuckin. No disrespect  to Young M.A., I don’t know her … she got a cat my nigga.

“Listen, people talkin’ bout, ‘Oh she come off as a man.’ No, y’all stupid. She come off as a woman with tattoos and bangin’ clothes to me. Yo, she is a fuckin’ woman.”

But Fredo and Kodak aren’t the only ones making explicit remarks about Young M.A. In another Instagram post, J.R. Donato directed some lustful comments toward the 26-year-old.

“@kodakblack you damn near on to sum,” he wrote. “She lookin decent in this Kobe jersey. I’m ready too don’t tell whoopty whoop.”

He added, “Me and Kodak gone fight for this pxxsy…when i see him it’s on sight. For this pxxsy.”

Young M.A has yet to respond to the latest (what is essentially) sexual harassment, but it’s probably safe to say it’s getting old.