Los Angeles, CA – Kanye West, Kid Cudi and Ty Dolla $ign are in hot water for allegedly using a man’s voice without permission for the track “Freeee Ghost Town Pt. 2.” According to TMZ, Ronald Bobb-Semple says the first voice on the Kids See Ghosts cut is his.

In the suit, Bobb-Semple notes Kanye, Cudi and Ty$ have received “substantial profits” and accolades from the 2018 album, but he hasn’t been compensated for his intellectual property.

Consequently, he’s also coming after Def Jam and Universal Music because he claims they “exploited the actual voice, words and performance” of his 2002 recording, “The Spirit of Marcus Garvey.”

Bobb-Semple explained his contribution to “Freee Ghost Town Pt. 2” is a tribute to Garvey, the Jamaican-born leader of the largest organized mass movement in black history. He said he’s been performing the 45-minute presentation worldwide for decades.

He’s suing for a “fair cut” of the profits.