Newark, NJ - 

In the aftermath of Fyre Fest — and more recently the documentaries on Hulu and Netflix — Ja Rule has come find positive learnings from the experience, which he shared with TMZ’s Adam Glyn.

“Be hands-on with stuff … if it’s your baby, and you wanna create something for the world [to see], then see it though,” he offered Glyn, who caught up with the rapper at Newark Airport.

He expressed the need to be a CEO and take control of your own venture — a point that (in this case) ultimately absolved Ja of much of the liability attached with the festival, while still making him a target of much of the blowback.

“I learned a lot from this situation. I’m just looking forward to the next thing.”

Ja was also asked about Andy King, who has since been offered a plethora of advertising and TV show offers since admitting in the Netflix doc that he narrowly avoiding giving oral sex in order to secure the festival a supply of Evian water.

“Listen man, it was such a crazy situation … [such a] bad situation. If any good comes out of it, then good for whoever is involved,” he said, noting that he wasn’t aware of the situation before seeing the headlines.

You can watch the full clip, above.