Netflix and Hulu premiered documentaries about 2017’s disastrous Fyre Festival, a botched event that saw one of its organizers get convicted for wire fraud, last week. The films have turned Fyre into a hot topic on social media again and prompted more scrutiny for Ja Rule, one of the festival’s co-creators.

Ja Rule was not interviewed for either film but is now trying to share his side of the story via Twitter. On Sunday (January 20), the platinum-selling rapper went on the defensive and tried to shift blame away from himself.

“I love how ppl watch a doc and think they have all the answers,” he wrote. “I had an amazing vision to create a festival like NO OTHER!!! I would NEVER SCAM or FRAUD anyone what sense does that make???”

Ja Rule continued to air his grievances, criticizing Hulu for paying his festival co-creator Billy McFarland to participate in its documentary. He also found himself in multiple arguments with Twitter users

“@Hulu PAID BILLY!!! That money should have went to the ppl in the Bahamas,” he wrote. “@netflix PAID fuck Jerry [Media] who also did all the promo for the festival… ? the docs clearly have Billy at fault but let’s blame the rapper lmao ok…”

He asserted, “I have receipts!!!”

Ja Rule expressed frustration over people blaming him for Fyre’s failings. He insisted he was scammed too.

“Y’all want it to be me sooo bad it’s crazy… kinda sad!!!” he wrote. “the crazy shit is I’m watching the docs in awe myself… I too was hustled, scammed, bamboozled, hood winked, lead astray!!!”

Ja Rule concluded many of the people going at him on Twitter “need Jesus.”

Check out some of his back-and-forth bickering with fans on social media below.