New York, NY – A New York City Police Department commander is being investigated for allegedly threatening 50 Cent. According to the New York Daily News, Deputy Inspector Emanuel Gonzalez — who has had issues with 50 in the past — told officers to “shoot him on sight.”

Gonzales allegedly made the comment on June 7, 2018 during roll call at the 72nd Precinct stationhouse, shortly before 50’s planned attendance at an NYPD-sanctioned boxing match.

“The inspector just said that at roll call,” a source with knowledge of the case told the Daily News. “I’m like WTF.”

Gonzalez reportedly attempted to claim it was a joke, but the comment made its way up the chain of command and sparked a probe.

“The incident is under internal review,” a department spokesman said.

A month prior to the incident, Gonzales filed an aggravated harassment complaint against 50. The complaint was prompted by the G-Unit founder writing his familiar “get the strap” catchphrase in a since-deleted Instagram post about Gonzales targeting the Brooklyn club Love and Lust.

50 reacted to the reported investigation of Gonzalez on Sunday (February 17).

“This is how I wake up this morning,” he wrote on Twitter. “This guy Emanuel Gonzales is a dirty cop abusing his POWER. The sad part is this man still has a badge and a gun. I take this threat very seriously and im consulting with my legal counsel regarding my options moving forward.”

He shared the same message on Instagram along with an additional post about Gonzalez.

“This is Emanuel Gonzalez commanding officer of the 72percinct,” 50 wrote. “He think he got beef with me,so he sending the Homies to put some work in. NYNOTSAFE #thegangstagotabadge.”