Longtime Floyd Mayweather rival 50 Cent doesn’t need much of a reason to taunt the undefeated boxing legend.

But T.I. recently gave him one anyway.

On Friday morning (February 15), the Power exec took to his Instagram with a terribly written letter, poking fun at Mayweather’s alleged illiteracy issues which date back to 2014.

“Y we gotta boy cot gucy?” the letter read. “Fuk T eye, anit knowbody. His carear is ova! I kno FiddyScent is gonna sea dis an say eye did it right dis…fuk him two!

“Scentsearly, Flyd “$” Maywhat.”

“Champ must have heard that TI song he big time mad,” 50 captioned.

The song the G-Unit CEO is referencing is “Fuck Nigga,” T.I.’s recently released diss song that lyrically itemizes Money Mayweather’s flippant response to the ongoing Hip Hop Gucci boycott. Royce Da 5’9 (minus the diss record) also called out the champ.

Not to be silenced, Mayweather released a full (legible) statement on Thursday evening defending his actions and dismissing boycotts to be the work of “failed” celebrities and artists.