After teasing the track on Saturday morning (January 26), Don Q has unleashed his Tory Lanez “I’m Not Joyner” diss track.

Over Diddy’s 1998 cut “Victory” featuring The Notorious B.I.G. and Busta Rhymes, Q prefaces the track with, “We ain’t even gon’ play with you, not one bit, you feel me?/I thought about letting you live a little bit. But you gave me the gun, nigga.”

From there, Q goes into savage mode and doubles down on the accusations the Canadian-bred rapper stole his style.

“This is when it gets spicy, you went to Funk Flex and started spitting just like me,” he raps. “Speak up if I’m lying/You told me you watched my freestyle hundreds of times/I guess that’s why you sound like me in a couple of lines.”

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Q ultimately threatens to physically handle him with, “Oh Tory rich?/I’ll line the kid up like Tori Brixx/I ain’t none of the backpack rap cats you done gone against/Put money, I’ll back slap and start snatching on Tory shit.”

It shouldn’t be too long before Lanez responds.

Until then, listen to “I’m Not Joyner” above.

[This article has been updated. The original version was published on January 26, 2019 at 11:13 a.m. PT and can be found below.]

Several artists took issue with Tory Lanez’s “I’m the best rapper alive”comment earlier this week — and Don Q is one of them. On Saturday morning (January 26), Q teased a diss track aimed at the Canadian-bred artist called “I’m Not Joyner.”

In the caption, he taunted Lanez with a “Come outside @torylanez” directive, while the cover art features Q holding Lanez’s neck in a noose while dangling over a city bridge.

As the title suggests, Q is referencing Lanez’s recent rap challenge with Lucas, which started after Lanez slighted the “I’m Not Racist” mastermind on Instagram. After exchanging a couple of diss tracks — including “Litty Freestyle” and “ZeZe” — they amicably settled the “beef.”

Meanwhile, Lanez has been instigating all kinds of social media drama with his unabashed bravado. Last month, he got into it with Slaughterhouse vet Royce Da 5’9 and told him to “suck my dick.” Although Nickel Nine didn’t respond well to the suggestion, they ultimately put it behind them without any diss tracks or physical altercations.

On Friday (January 25), Lanez baited Eminem and insisted he wasn’t “ducking” him either. Basically, he’s confident he could outrap anyone.

But apparently Q isn’t letting Lanez slide. In a recent Instagram video, Q accused Lanez of jacking his lyrics in true Soulja Boy fashion. 

“Toryyyyyy?? The nigga that stole my style from bars to the beat…nigga u even wore the dad hat like me u been my son,” he captioned the video. “@torylanez RELAX YASELF #IMNOTJOYNER!!!”