It’s no secret Redman is a weed connoisseur. The How High co-star has essentially built his entire brand around his love of cannabis sativa. So it’s no surprise his mother recently unearthed several bags of weed the Hip Hop vet believes are at least 20 years old.

In a video posted to Twitter, Redman says, “My moms just found this bud. This bud has to be at least 20 years old.”

She snaps, “Don’t put my name in it period.” Redman assures her he only said “moms” so her identity is safe. His mother then says, “We selling it on eBay.”

Naturally, Redman teased her for admitting that on record.

As Redman goes through each bag one-by-one, he compares them all to fellow Hip Hop artists.

“This one right here, you know what that bag is right there,” he says. “This bag has history. This is Biggie Smalls. This the Lox. This is Cam’ron. This is Lil Cease. This is Noreaga. Official. 20 years old and the bud is still in it.”

Watch the full clip above.