T-Pain’s bank account is taking a hit. In an Instagram post shared on Wednesday (December 26), the platinum-selling singer revealed he must pay a jaw-dropping $1.4 million bill for his brother’s recent stay in the hospital.

The Auto-Tune expert expressed gratitude for the care that kept his brother alive but threw in a facepalm emoji due to the extreme expenses.

“I first wanna say thank you to all the ppl that were involved in keeping my brother alive,” he wrote. “I can’t express enough gratitude to the medical staff that kept my family whole. My brother was in two hospitals for a total of a month and some change. Just got the bills.”

T-Pain didn’t disclose what his brother was suffering from that required such costly care. The Billboard chart-topper posted one bill for $1,132,746.67 and another tallying $270,231.40. In total, T-Pain and his family owe $1,402,978 and some change.

Earlier this month, Teddy Pain’s funds were making headlines when he sued his former management company. The veteran artist sought more than $1 million in damages and the commissions he paid out to Chase Entertainment, which was allegedly unlicensed during T-Pain’s stint with the agency.

Chase fired back by claiming T-Pain “squandered” millions during their time in business together. They also described him as having “self-destructive conduct” in his finances.