El-P Takes on Rawkus

El-P has been hard at work on his upcoming release, I’ll Sleep When
Your Dead
, but it seems that his old label, Rawkus, is working just as
hard to keep his album from having a successful release.  El Producto
used his blog as the platform and speaks at length on the most recent actions
taken by Rawkus Records to keep their old breadwinner down.

Abridged Version

El-P spoke on their anti-promotional techniques saying, “these
twisted, corrupted shit eaters who stole money from everyone they worked with,
fired their staff a few days before Christmas, signed amazing artists and never
put their records out, blocked artists they had under contract from signing to
other labels even after they had driven their label in to the ground and
weren’t even functioning, sycophantically attempted to attach themselves to
anyone in the mainstream they possibly could, etc. etc. etc…

well here they are again. the “new” rawkus. launching again for any
sad sap of an artist who wants to wake up one day and realize they are getting
screwed, for any staff member who wants an honest pay only to eventually realize
they are disposable. the “new” rawkus. the ones who are literally
dispersing questionnaires in Europe to fans asking what type of music they
should be releasing. the “new” rawkus. so these motherfuckers take
the picture that was taken with my camera and post it up on their site with a
news piece entitled something to the effect of: “company flows el-p and
puffy?” that’s it. as though the picture is some sort of statement about
me. as though the picture is proof of me “selling out”. then they
have one of their staff members go around to various message boards like
OKAYPLAYER and the post about it in any and every post about my new album. oh
yeah? you like the el-p record? check out this picture of him and puffy! oh
word? you think el is a dope producer? check out this picture of him and

El-P had some final words for his old label and home, stating that ‘
would sooner spend an eternity hanging with puffy than involve myself with the
douche bags behind rawkus, be it the old one or the “new” one. as far
as im concerned you can keep that picture up there forever. please do. that one
moment was more entertaining and fun and genuine than the entire sum of our
business relationship.’

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