New York, NY – Snoop Dogg recently sat down for an episode of Questlove’s podcast, Questlove Supreme. During the conversation, the two Hip Hop vets discussed the 1992 Dr. Dre classic “Nuthin But A G Thang” featuring the inimitable Doggfather.

Unbeknownst to Snoop, Dre used a sample from Congress Alley’s 1973 song “Are You Looking.” The group just happened to feature Arthur Lee Andrew Thompson and Jacqui Andrews — Quest’s mother and father.

“You know you sampled my parents, right?” The Roots drummer says. “My mom and my dad.”

“What!?” a shocked Snoop replies.

“That’s my mom and my dad,” Quest reiterates. “Just chill ’til the next episode [laughs].”

As Quest plays “Are You Looking” in the background, Snoop starts rapping, “Falling back on that ass with a hellafied gangsta lean,” part of his lyrics from “Nuthin But A G Thang.”

Quest admits it was an exciting moment to hear The Chronic hit on The Box music video show back in the day.

“So when the shit would come on The Box in Philly and I heard that — Yo, me and Tariq lost it. Like, ‘Yo, that’s your mom and dad!'” he says. “It was like we won the lottery ticket!”

Snoop then explains that’s actually not the track he used to write the lyrics for “Nuthin But A G Thang.”

“I wrote it off of [starts humming The South Side Movement’s ‘I Been Watching You’],” Snoop says.” That’s the beat he [Dre] gave me. I took it over to over to my cousin’s house and I wrote the whole ‘G Thang’ song to that.”

The full Questlove Supreme episode with Snoop airs Wednesday (December 19) on Pandora. Until then, listen to the snippet up top.