HipHopDX Premiere – Hailing from Southern California, Diveyede has a firm grasp on the sacrifices he has to make to succeed in the music industry. He’s well aware long drives, sleepless nights and crappy fast food are all part of the job. But beyond that, he believes staying true to who you are as an artist is key.

“The hardest part about touring is probably trying to eat healthy and not spending money you earned on alcohol at each show [laughs],” he tells HipHopDX. “To make it in the industry, you need perseverance, patience and evolution in your craft. Find your niche, your base, and grow from there. Stop looking for ‘get famous quick’ routes and stick to your art and passion that expresses who you are. Everything will piece together in time as it should.”

Now, the burgeoning artist has arrived with another labor of love — his music video for “Catacombs.”

Directed by Dyllyn Greenwood, the dark visual pairs perfectly with the haunting hook: “Fuck trap, when in Rome, kill the king, waiting for my fans to stab me in the back/Fuck rap, I never liked it anyway, doctor said you can have it back,” an obvious nod to the inimitable Dr. Dre.

The Siggy and NooB-produced cut is taken from Diveyede’s latest EP, there is no cure//they will be the death of me, which also features Cage and Son The Rhemic.

“The entire project was influenced by my time spent in the Seattle area since moving in 2012,” he explains. “Since then, my journey through trials and tribulations, emotion and self-discovery has added an influential chapter to my life. ‘Catacombs’ is the self-conflicting mentality of a modern day rap artist caught between emotional escape through substances, rap culture and opinions and balancing art while ‘living.'”

Diveyede recently finished a tour with Rob Sonic, Onry Ozzborn and The Sandpeople’s IAME. 

Cop his EP here and watch the video up top.