Travis Scott was forced to defend himself earlier this week when a photo of him allegedly cheating on Kylie Jenner started making the rounds. On Wednesday (December 5), Twitter user @ChristianAdamG revealed it was all a hoax under the guise of a social experiment.

“We Fooled the Internet w/ Fake Travis Scott Cheating Photo,” the post reads.

Jenner’s stepsister, Kim Kardashian, felt compelled to shine a light on the jokers’ antics. She shared how she felt with her 59 million Twitter followers on Wednesday night.

“I hate that I am bringing attention to this but this is absolutely disgusting that you would find this funny to mess with Travis & Kylie who just started a family together,” she tweeted. “This is really damaging to relationships, families and is just so wrong!”

In a YouTube video shared by the trickers, they added a disclaimer denying they had any ill will toward the couple. They simply wanted to demonstrate how easy it is to fool people into believing falsities online. It’s unclear if it was added before or after Kardashian’s tweet.

“DISCLAIMER: this video was NOT made to intentionally hurt Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner or the entire Kardashian family in ANY way shape or form,” the YouTube caption reads.

Watch the video below.