This past weekend, YBN Almighty Jay — a member of the gamer crew-turned-rap collective YBN — revealed a secret he’d been hiding. It turns out the 19-year-old rapper is a father.

As Jay explained, he’s been grappling with how to tell his fans about his son for months.

“This is something I had to face,” he said. “It’s not something I could just hide. It’s something that had to come to light sooner or later.”

Jay wanted to be the one to announce his son to the world instead of the news coming out another way.

The YBN member’s decision may have been affected by Drake, whose once-secret fatherhood was exposed to the public by Pusha T via a diss track. Drizzy took home the “You Were Hiding A Child Award” in HipHopDX’s annual Turkey Awards due to the awkward situation.

Though Jay’s initial apprehension to share the news stemmed from the fact that he was only 18 (at the time) and didn’t know how to be a father, he seems to now be embracing the role.

“I Don’t Wanna Keep You A Secret Anymore,” he wrote in an Instagram post about his son. “That Makes Me Less of A Man. I Love You Son, Forever & Ever.”