HipHopDX Premiere - 

Actor/MC Page Kennedy has returned with a new video for the track “I Can’t Love You,” which is taken from his sophomore album Same Page Different Story. 

Featuring 3D Na’Tee — who also directed the it — the visual finds Kennedy reflecting on a past relationship and coming to terms with the fact he’ll never be a one-woman man.

At times, Kennedy is so brutally honest, it’s easy to empathize. But Na’Tee does such a convincing job of playing his jilted lover, it’s natural to root for her, too.

“I try and pour my real life into my music,” Kennedy tells HipHopDX. “It’s a form of therapy for me. So there’s nothing different in this song. ‘I Can’t Love You’ is a look into a previous relationship. I felt like I couldn’t love my partner the way she loved me or the way she deserved to have been loved. Needless to say, it became pretty toxic.

“Sometimes it takes something very traumatic to actually break away from something. I called on the assistance of my favorite female rapper 3D Na’Tee to work with me on this concept. I think we painted this portrait amazingly. This is my favorite song on the Same Page Different Story album.”

Kennedy’s acting chops clearly serve him well and the two talented MCs effortlessly play off one another, painting a convincing picture of Kennedy’s real life experiences.

Watch the video above.