Las Vegas, NV – A former limo driver is reportedly suing Migos and Sean Kingston. According to The Blast, Las Vegas limo driver Michael Gradney alleges he was hurt after being caught in the middle of a fight between the four artists last February.

Consequently, Grandey is suing for assault and battery. He’s also seeking unspecified damages for the alleged permanent physical and psychological injuries he suffered.

At one point during the scuffle, Gradney was allegedly knocked down to the ground and “severely injured.” He also believes a gun being fired caused other witnesses to take cover.

Following the fight, Gradney alleges Offset, Takeoff and Quavo then made him get back in the car and drive away. Gradney says the entire incident made him fear for his life.

Migos allegedly stomped out Kingston during the melee, but Kingston denied that ever happened. He posted an Instagram video to his account shortly after the altercation and showed off his face, which is clearly free of any scratches or bruises.

“Do it look like I got jumped?” he said. “I look smooth as muthafuckin’ ice.”

Kingston eventually explained his side of the story and described it as an ambush, however he never filed a police report. Meanwhile, his friend was charged for firing a gun.