New York, NY - 

By now, we all know Snoop Dogg doesn’t play when it comes to Donald Trump. During a recent interview with DJ Suss on Sirius XM, the D-O-Double-G momentarily lost his cool when the subject of politics came up.

“I dont give a fuck,” he says. “I tell ‘em straight up muthafucka. If you like that nigga [Trump] you muthafuckin’ racist. Fuck you and fuck him. Now what? Draw the line. Nigga, he drew the lines. He drew the muthafuckin’ lines.

“Before him, there were no lines. Everybody was everybody. We respected everything. We didn’t trip. But nigga, when you drew the line and start pointing muthafuckas out and singling them out nigga, fuck y’all then, nigga. You and them.”

Snoop then quickly takes aim at Kanye West who is an avid supporter of 45.

“Kanye too,” he adds. “Don’t forget about him too. Fuck you too. Throw him in the bag, too ’cause he right there with them muthafuckas.” [apple_news_ad type=”any”]

Before the clip ends, Suss asks him about Snoop’s appearance at a Donald Trump roast many years ago. He replies, “I was roasting his ass. I wasn’t being his buddy. I got paid, nigga. You know how much I got paid for that?”

The full interview is expected to run on Saturday (September 22).

In the meantime, watch the clip above.