Henry County, GA – A drunken T.I. was arrested at a gated community outside of Atlanta back in May. Now, TMZ has obtained footage from the arresting officer’s body cam. In the clip, the police officer is heard mocking the Grand Hustle star.

The security guard who initially stopped T.I. at the gate was explaining who the suspect is before the guard’s supervisor jumps in.

“That’s T.I. the rapper,” she says.

“Oh he is?” the officer replies. “He’s the rapper? I’ve never seen him. He think his shit don’t stink [laughs]. He thinks everyone should bow down.”

The supervisor agrees. “Yeah, basically,” she says with a laugh.

T.I. was arrested on charges of public drunkenness, disorderly conduct and simple assault — all misdemeanors. The security guard claimed he was afraid Tip was going to harm him. Although he wasn’t physically attacked, the fear he felt is enough to constitute simple assault in Georgia.

After paying a $2.250 bond, T.I. brushed off the incident as “small potatoes.” If convicted, he likely won’t face any jail time.

Watch the clip above.