Miami, FL – Young Dolph is evidently doing some good in this world. Two baristas — Britni Brown and Kevin Simmons — who previously worked at the Duke University location of Joe Van Gogh in North Carolina were fired last week for playing Dolph’s track “Get Paid.”

Upon learning of the situation, the Memphis rapper decided to not only fly them to Miami for Rolling Loud 2018 but also gave them $20,000 each during his performance on Friday night (May 11).

Brown and Simmons were forced to resign from their positions after Vice President of Student Affairs Larry Moneta heard the lyrics to “Get Paid” playing over the coffee shop’s speakers.

“Get paid, young nigga, get paid,” Dolph spits.


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According to IndyWeek, Moneta informed Brown, who was manning the register at the time, that the song was “inappropriate.”

A rep for Joe Van Gogh’s human resources department asked that both Brown and Simmons resign. In audio obtained by IndyWeek, Brown said, “For [Simmons, a white man] to be fired because of this, it is not fair. I feel like you guys were trying to cover it up as to make it not look discriminatory for firing a person of color.”

Dolph tweeted about the incident the day it happened.

“Whoever that VP is, he don’t give a damn about nobody but his self,” he wrote on May 9. “I guess he was trying to teach the students how to be selfish I guess………smh.”