The Weeknd has fans on edge as rumors swirl about a potential new EP. Chatter on social media and forums has sparked speculation the XO singer will release a follow-up to My Dear Melancholy titled We’re Alone Together on Friday (May 11).

Last month, The Weeknd changed his Instagram bio to “we’re alone together,” which prompted theories about it being the name of his next EP. The rumors increased when supposed cover art for We’re Alone Together surfaced online with the same image used in “The Hills” artist’s Instagram avatar.

A Weeknd superfan also noticed his manager Tony Sal liked a LA Leakers post, which shared the artwork and said the EP is reportedly dropping on Friday.

@salxo liked, IT’S PRACTICALLY OFFICIAL!!! ?

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Although many of The Weeknd’s fans are already anticipating this unconfirmed project, some are still skeptical. The subreddit dedicated to the platinum-selling singer has plenty of doubters who believe the cover art is fake. Complex also reports a source close to the situation confirmed there won’t be an EP released this week.

The Weeknd’s previous record, My Dear Melancholy, was released in March. The EP didn’t have a major promotional push, dropping just days after it was first teased, but still debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200.