While J. Cole’s latest studio album, KOD, continues to be dissected and digested by the masses, the Dreamville powerhouse has shared a video for “Kevin’s Heart,” a track revolving around infidelity.

Directed by Cole and Scott Lazer, the cinematic visual actually stars actor/comedian Kevin Hart, who fessed up to cheating on his pregnant wife last December.

For the video, Hart is seen shopping at a grocery store but he’s getting disapproving looks from fellow shoppers. He quickly notices people are staring and by the time he gets to the checkout counter, everyone stops what they’re doing and just glares at him.

From there, Hart endures several more uncomfortable moments before he winds up at his mansion. As the camera pans away, viewers see the words “Choose Wisely” written in the sky.

“Kevin’s Heart” is the second video from KOD. Last Friday (April 20) — the same day the album dropped — Cole shared the visual for “ATM,” which tackles materialism and finds the North Carolina-bred MC giving his right arm for an expensive car.

Watch the “Kevin’s Heart” video above and read the KOD review here.[apple_news_ad type=”any”]