South African Hip Hop group Die Antwoord aren’t fans of their shoutout on Eminem’s new song “Untouchable.” On the track, Slim Shady mispronounces their name for the sake of a rhyme.

“I’d rather hear ’em say ‘die n-word’ than Die Antwoord/ Ninja, now it’s better disguised banter,” Eminem raps on the third verse.

Die Antwoord’s Yolandi Visser posted a video on Instagram in which she sarcastically showed how to properly pronounce the band’s name.

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She wasn’t done there, sharing another video where she asked Eminem how he’d feel if she mispronounced his name. Visser and fellow Die Antwoord member Ninja then came up with their own version of getting his name wrong to fit a rhyme.

“Ok, so like, how would you feel if I called you E-eminem?” she said. “Ok, your name’s Eminem but I call you E-eminem just because it rhymes with something, you know.”

“E-eminem went to jail and got a bit of semen in his bum and was never seen again,” they both said.”

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Eminem’s Revival drops on Friday (December 15).