Miami, FL - 

In the latest saga of the XXXTENTACION legal case that won’t go away, the controversial rapper’s legal team has submitted a document obtained by TMZ that claims his ex-girlfriend (the one he allegedly assaulted when she was pregnant with his child) wants to distance herself from the courtroom action.

But the Miami-Dade prosecutors overseeing the domestic violence case are telling the judge they don’t believe the still-unnamed victim actually signed the statement that presents her wishes for the case to go away and is refusing to cooperate with the prosecutors.

They also reportedly told the judge they see no barriers to prevent the D.A.’s office from pushing forward with prosecution. In fact, according to Pitchfork, prosecutors plan to split the case into two parts — one will address the witness tampering charge (which carries the stiffest legal penalties) and the other will be the domestic violence charges.

Back in September 2017, an extensively detailed report of the incident in question was released to the public where it was alleged the 19-year-old Florida rapper (born Jahseh Onfroy) headbutted, stomped, kicked, strangled, tackled, elbowed, broke hangers on the woman’s legs and more on multiple occasions.

Triple X has been charged with aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, domestic battery by strangulation, false imprisonment, and witness-tampering. If convicted on all four counts, the prison time would be imminent. The trial, which was initially rescheduled for December 11, has now been postponed to December 15.

In a statement provided through a spokesperson, assistant state attorney Philip Harte said, “In court today I advised the Judge and defense that the State has reasons to doubt the authenticity of the affidavit. Moreover, the affidavit is not a legally binding document, and has no bearing on whether the State will or will not proceed. The case was reset for 12/15 for the State to sever the charges, creating two separate felony cases (one for the tampering with victim charge, and one for the original charges). Once the cases have severed, the State will proceed on the tampering with victim case first.”

The witness-tampering charge is a first-degree felony. Under Florida law, the prosecution may decide to pursue a life sentence. As for the other charges, aggravated battery of a pregnant victim is a second-degree felony, while domestic battery by strangulation and false imprisonment are third-degree felonies.

X has since made strides to change his tune and perception in the public, starting a “peace cult” just days after getting into a scuffle with some guys who may or may not been Migos.