Harlem native Azealia Banks fired back at comedian Jess Hilarious after she mentioned Banks in her “Jess With The Mess” news segment.

In her minute-long news update on Instagram, Jess poked fun at Banks for selling concert tickets on the discount site, Groupon.

“Azealia Banks has concert tickets on Groupon for $16 now. You get a ticket. You get a ticket. You get a ticket,” Jess said in her video.

The mention ultimately sparked a brief social media-fueled war of words between the two.

Banks responded with a trailer to Love Beats Rhymes (which she stars in) and wrote, “@jesshilarious_official check out the trailer for my feature film with @Lionsgate. I figure since you’ve been such a help in promoting my concert tickets you could also promote my silver screen debut!!!! Im a leading lady!!! Maybe one day you’ll make it here too. cheers babe xx IN THEATERS DECEMBER 1st”

Jess quickly replied to Banks’ jab with a fiery comeback uploaded to the ‘Gram.

“Alright, now I’m back on my shit,” Jess said in video uploaded on Saturday (October 14). “So, apparently Azealia Banks got a problem with the ‘Jess With The Mess’ of the day. Azealia No Bank, rather. Bitch mad at me because her tickets $16 on Groupon. Bitch, I can’t make that up…And my comedy show tickets is more than your concert ticket. Bitch, you giving them away and they still ain’t selling out.”

Watch her full response below.

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