Tory Lanez was evidently pulled over in a Rolls Royce on his way to see his probation officer earlier this week.

The seemingly frustrated Canadian rapper documented the encounter on social media by recording himself during the stop.

“Yo, let this be known,” he said in a video captured by DJ Akademiks. “Cause I know my probation officer about to violate. Probation Officer, I’m getting stopped. I’m getting stopped right now. I’m trying to make it on time, but I’m getting stopped. So you know. Don’t try to blaze me.”

#torylanez tryna make his probation meeting but the cops pulled him over

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Throughout the quick video, he appears to get increasingly irritated the longer it takes the officer to complete the stop. He commented on the possibility of being violated by his probation officer as a result of the hold up.



“She about to violate my shit when I go in there,” he said. “How you get stopped on your way to fuckin’ probation?”

This week’s incident comes months after Lanez’s gun charges were reportedly dropped.