Denver, CO – With a list of accolades that includes two certified diamond albums, Eminem is known for taking Hip Hop to new heights. Now, with help from longtime collaborators the Bass Brothers, he’s inadvertently helping Hip Hop break new ground in the stock market.

Royalty Exchange, a Colorado-based online platform that helps connect artists with private investors to help fund their careers, is launching a new company called Royalty Flow.

Currently, Royalty Flow’s primary focus is to acquire and manage royalty interests, which it will offer in the way Initial Public Offering shares. Its first acquisition is the Bass Brothers’ producer royalties from Eminem’s entire recording catalog from 1999-2013. That includes the 5x platinum The Slim Shady LP, as well as the diamond-selling albums The Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show.

The offering will reportedly begin in October with a minimum buy-in of roughly $2,250 for 150 shares ($15 per share). After that point, Royalty Flow intends to list it on a public stock exchange, where anyone can buy and trade shares and collect dividends from the Eminem royalties.

Essentially, fans can share in the warm fuzzy feeling that Em gets when royalty checks from some of his biggest songs hit his mailbox.

Unbeknownst to many casual listeners, the Bass Brothers — who discovered Eminem — have produced more individual tracks for Eminem than Dr. Dre. The duo, who executive produced Infinite and hits like “Lose Yourself,” no longer do significant production for the rapper.

The brothers are (collectively) making up to 25% of the royalties, which they receive for their respective ownership of masters from Em’s catalog, available to investors through Royalty Flow.

On top of the already intriguing method of raising capital that Royalty Exchange introduces, allowing fans and small-time investors the chance to invest directly in Eminem’s business will no doubt open the door to a whole new era in the music industry.

“Simple, direct access to royalty opportunities that previously were available only to industry insiders … this changes everything,” the Bass Brothers’ manager Joel Martin said.

Interested in buying shares? Sign up on Royalty Exchange now for updates as the shares become available.