Kodak Black called up Future during an Instagram Live session this week to grill him on the lyrics to his track “Comin Out Strong.”

Admitting at the start of the video that Future is one of the few rappers he fucks with, Kodak decides to call Future saying, “I probably shouldn’t even did this on Live.”

Future answers the call almost instantly (which is pretty impressive), and Kodak jumps right into his question — asking him about the line in “Comin Out Strong” that has caused so much confusion: “The only time I feel alive is when I ______.”

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There’s simply no way around acknowledging that whatever Future does use to end the line, it sounds sort of like “taste dick.” That’s just how it is. It also appears to be exactly what Kodak is getting at as he grins his whole way through the phone call.

Future, however, has a very different (and more serious) explanation: “‘The only time I feel alive is when I take,‘ like a pill,” he says. Kodak doesn’t seem to be any less on the verge of laughter, but he mouths the new version to himself and doesn’t push the matter any further.

DJ Akademiks uploaded the exchange to YouTube, check it out below.