President Donald Trump has a lot of people wishing anyone else was running the executive branch. When it comes to alternatives, why not one of biggest critics? In a new interview with Montreality, YG described how he’d run the country.

“If I was President, I’d give all the families across the muthafuckin’ United States $100,000 to see what they would do with it,” YG said. “If I was President, I’d give ’em an extra $100,000 for Christmas. If I was President, you wouldn’t be sitting in jail for crimes that’s nonviolent. You wouldn’t be doing too much time for crimes that’s nonviolent. If I was President, more mu’fuckas would get off life sentences. If I was President, everybody go to college for free. If I was President, all the food in the grocery stores would be organic. If I was President, aww shit, all these police that’s killing innocent black people, they’d be doing life in prison. If I was President, fuck that, slaughter they ass, chop they neck off!”

The “FDT” rapper also called out Trump for lying and lamented about the current state of politics.

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“Right now the biggest lie is Trump tryna make America great again,” he said. “You feel me? That’s the biggest lie right now. The whole system, it’s like corrupted and it ain’t really like what they say it is. It’s all really politics and who you know behind the scenes and shit, you feel me? You think shit is a certain way but it’s not, you feel me? It’s really no rules. They playing the game on politics and relationships, you feel me? They ain’t going by the law.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the 27-year-old “Bompton” native spoke about why rap would be different if Tupac were still alive, fatherhood and much more too.

Watch the entire interview above.