Chicago, IL – Houston rhymer Scarface serves as the latest MC to offer his thoughts on the newly released Tupac biopic, All Eyez On Me.

As an artist who was a friend of the late rapper, Face offered a personal perspective on the film, which has already received a great deal of criticism.

According to the rapper, if certain artists affiliated with ‘Pac weren’t mentioned in the film, “then it ain’t no real ‘Pac movie.”

“If MC Breed not in that movie then it ain’t no real ‘Pac movie. If The D.O.C. wasn’t mentioned in that movie, that’s not a real ‘Pac movie,” Scarface said during a Classic Hip Hop Lives event in Chicago. He also mentioned Spice 1, Richie Rich, Too $hort, Big Syke and MC Eiht as crucial parts of Tupac’s story.

As he continued to speak on All Eyez On Me, Scarface stressed that he wouldn’t want any posthumous treatment himself.

“Here’s another thing with me,” he said.” If a muthafucka put an album out on me when I’m dead, man, don’t buy that shit. If a muthafucka try to shoot a movie on me, and I’m dead? Don’t go see that shit, my nigga. Let me rest, man. And I love ‘Pac to death man, but let that man rest.”

He also questioned who was profiting from the film, which brought in $27 million in its opening weekend.

“It ain’t feedin’ his mama — his mama gone. It ain’t feedin’ his kids — he ain’t got none. Who gettin’ the money?” he asked.

In the days since its June 16 release, a plethora of artists, including 50 Cent and The Game, have offered their thoughts on All Eyez On Me via social media.