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After Ice Cube made his appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher, where he confronted the controversial host about his use of the N-word during a recent episode of the HBO show, a random Twitter user apparently took issue with what he had to say, and attempted to confront the gangster rap legend on Twitter. Problem — she targeted the wrong Ice.

Mistaking Ice T for Ice Cube, she wrote: “Screw U 4 whining on Bill Maher. When is ur music gonna respect women? How dare U go on show and whine like this.”

Ice T’s response: “Wrong Ice Bitch…”

“I think if you’re going to come hard at somebody you need to know who you’re talking to,” Ice T tells HipHopDX. “I didn’t know who that was and they just decided to talk shit.

“I was minding my business,” he continues. “Cube was on Bill Maher and so he said what he had to say, and I guess this particular person felt like talking shit and they were trying to talk shit to him, but ended up talking shit to me. I’m like, ‘I’m not even involved in this shit. I don’t know what the fuck you talking about.'”

Ooooop! We all make mistakes, Susan ? #clapbackseason #IceT #IceCube #BillMaher (view previous post)

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While he admits it does happen a lot, simply mixing up their names is something he says he’ll give people a “pass” on, but explains if you’re going to go in on somebody, “you should definitely know who the fuck you’re talking to.”

The woman, Susan Levine, whose Twitter handle is “@beatmarx,” soon deleted her account after issuing a half-ass explanation that read: “Ooooop! We all make mistakes, Susan. #clapbackseason #IceT #IceCube #BillMaher.” But it’s not something Ice is thinking about.

“I don’t pay attention to people,” Ice says. “I don’t get on Twitter to get in long, drawn out conversations with people. It was just a quick reply. I wouldn’t have even called her a bitch if she didn’t say ‘screw you’ all that other shit. I live by the code you get what you give, so you know, if you talk to me with respect, I’ll respect you, but if you want to play that game, I’m very seasoned in that game too [laughs].”

Throughout Ice’s music catalog, it’s clear he definitely knows when someone clowns themselves and this is a perfect example.

“I tweeted this morning, ‘Know your enemy’ when I woke up,” he says. “If you’re going to go after somebody, have your shit together. People on the internet are stupid and they don’t know what they’re doing.

“I only said three words to this person like, ‘What the fuck you talking about?’ Like, ‘Bitch, I’m not even the one you trippin’ off,'” he adds. “I made a song a long time ago called ‘You Played Yourself,’ so she played herself.”

While many artists use their Twitter accounts as a place to debate a bevy of hot-button topics, Ice really isn’t about all that. He says 99 percent of his interactions are with fans and like-minded individuals.

“I’m able to give them insight on Law & Order and the music,” he says. “Of course I’m trying to sell my records and do my thing, but every once in a while, somebody steps into the kill zone [Laughs].”

Former Black Star MC Talib Kweli uses his Twitter platform to expose racist people online and often gets into long interactions, but Ice is more likely to jump on and jump off.

“[Talib] likes to debate,” he says. “I respect Talib as a rapper and friend and all that, but I can’t get up in the morning and do that every day. It’s a lot of work mentally for me. I’m not a debater. He’s more like reverse trolling. He’s trolling trolls. Most of these people just want to get attention. So many people say bullshit to me, and if I respond they go, ‘I’m your fan just wanted to see if you’d respond.’ You don’t ever really fucking know. What I found the trick to be is to say what you gotta say and keep it moving, change the topic.

“Trolling is a known art form,” he continues. “They’ll get a politician to say something out of pocket and they got ’em. You gotta choose your words even with the trolls. It’s just part of the game. A lot of celebrities can’t fuck with social media. You gotta fight fire with fire. People are fucking crazy in this arena.”

As far as the now Twitter-less Susan Levine, the rap luminary suggests, “Call Ice Cube if you have a problem with him. Get your facts straight. I ain’t said shit.”