Louisville, KY

Bryson Tiller has earned local legend status in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky by restoring three basketball courts at Wyandotte Park. Tiller, who partnered up with Nike for the move, cut the ribbon on Wednesday (June 7) near his former high school, Iroquois High School.

“Every time I come to Louisville, I just drive past Taylor Boulevard,” Tiller said. “And I used to see this court, and I was like, ‘Man, that court it looks terrible’ … I never thought this day would come. I’m surprised by how many people came out to show love.”

When referencing the new Nike slogan emblazoned on the courts, he added, “It’s possible in Louisville, Kentucky. Everybody used to tell me you can’t make it out of Louisville, Kentucky, and I disagree, ‘cos I made it out of this city. If anybody on this court right now got a dream, you believe in yourself, you can do it.”

Kids in the area were clearly overjoyed with the renovation. An 11-year-old attendee told local station WLKY, “The texture of the backboards, they’re so clear. It looks like an NBA court.” Another called the new courts “beautiful.”



According to the station, the surface of the courts were fully refurbished and the old backboards replaced by fiberglass backboards.

The local Parks and Rec deputy director Marty Storch said, “This is something that Bryson was very adamant about. You know with Iroquois High School, he wanted to give back to this community because this community gave a lot to him.”

Tiller shared a few photos on his Instagram commemorating the event. Check those out below and his speech above.