Weird Al has never been afraid to go at
rappers. In the past, the comedian has created various parodies of
everyone from Coolio to Diddy. After a brief
hiatus of sorts, the comic has prepared a new batch of parodies and he’s got
his eyes on Hip-Hop and R&B chart toppers.

Straight Outta Lynnwood is Weird Al’s
12th album. The title track is a rip off of N.W.A’s Straight
Outta Compton

album. The cover finds Al in front of a candy painted old school ride,
posing hard with a Pitbull beside him.

For the LP, he has decided to parody R. Kelly, Usher
and Greenday, among others. The
lead single is a take on Chamillionaire’s recent chart topper Ridin’
which is titled White and Nerdy.

A dual disc will also be offered, with animated videos of
each track to accompany the music. Some, if not all, of the animation will be
made by the creators of Ren and Stimpy

The comedian, who has been putting records out since 79,
will release Straight Outta Lynwood in late September.