Instagram – Lil Wayne seems to be gearing up for something great despite the label drama he’s dealt with over the past couple of years. When Weezy isn’t sending shots to Cash Money and bigging up Roc Nation, he’s getting support from fans and peers alike, including Big Sean.

In a recent Instagram photo, which was possibly taken Saturday (May 6) at San Bernardino’s Glen Helen Amphitheater during Power 106’s PowerHouse event (both were on the bill), Sean Don appeared to get a little emotional in the caption.

“Man I’ll never forget what u said bout me on my song ‘Deep’ bro on some real shit,” he wrote. “U changed rap 4ever, God bless you! #C5.”

Sean is referencing Lil Wayne’s guest verse on the Dark Sky Paradise track, “Deep,” featuring lyrics like, “Fuck the finish line, just finish your lines/And if getting your point across crosses the line/Some of the time then cross it with pride/That’s real, my nigga, remember that/And it ain’t about if they remember you, they remember rap/So just spit it back and hope somebody diggin’ that/Cause this shit is deep, deep/Deep as empty pockets, nigga/We come empty pockets before we have empty pockets, slime/That shit get deep.”

Though the status of Wayne’s Tha Carter V is in relative limbo, Hip Hop’s favorite millionaire villain Martin Shkreli continued his online listening parties last week of leaked material he allegedly pulled from the album. Check out Sean’s post above.