Los Angeles, CA - 

Though the birthday of Suga Free’s classic debut album Street Gospel doesn’t hit until next month, Sean Healy, The Hundreds and White Label Radio held a show at Los Globos celebrating its upcoming 20th Anniversary over the weekend.

Titled “20 Years of Pimpin,” the sold out event featured Pomona’s greatest procurer perform fan favorites including “I Rather Give You My Bitch,” “Why You Bullshitin’?” and of course “If You Stay Ready.”

Following the hour set, Suga Free sat down for an interview with HipHopDX Associate Producer Ural Garrett where he talked about everything from leaving the pimping world to become an artist and his relationship with Snoop Dogg to the status of Street Gospel 2.

Following our time with one of West Coast Hip Hop’s greatest former pimp-turned-rapper, here are seven takeaways from our interview.

Human Trafficking Laws Changed The Pimp Game

“These muthafuckas done switched the laws to human trafficking. Imagine what that sounds like to a bunch of white people. Human trafficking darling. Right? It sounds like you got a bunch of bitches crammed up in a van. My dick getting hard talking about this. It sounds so immoral and sounds just so bad when this is done by choice and not by force period in the first place. Ain’t nobody making these bitches do this shit. I got a saying which is a bitch will pay a light pole meaning she just want somebody with her.”

Leaving Pimping Behind For Music

“I’d be a fool not to believe that my name is at the top of some big pimp organization or whatever. So, I stopped and I got scared when I stopped. My pimp friends like Pimpin Young — I said I felt funny man. I’m going to tell you exactly how he told me. He said, ‘P we done talked about this but you the only nigga that can stop pimping and still pay their bills cuz.'”

The Story Behind “Street Gospel” Cover

“I remember like it was yesterday. That’s them hush puppies. How old are you? 30? You ever had some pussy so good you cried in it? I can talk to you. That was smooth and when we were taking the picture, I remember the owner of the hotel, he didn’t think we was there for what we were there for. He was looking and peeking. I looked at the little sign and it was written on the window in marker no loitering here. I’m like pussy will sell on the moon. I bet when his regulars come around and he get that dicked sucked unless it’s your favorite bitch. Let me tell you something man. Pimping is going to go on and it’s going to go on and go on.”

People Love Porn More Than Amazon?

“Porn is downloaded more than Amazon. Here we have Hugh Hefner and Larry Flynt. These dudes been rivals since they were kids. The porn or sex industry is a $3 billion dollar a year business now. You understand what I’m saying to you? That means that pussy sells more than cocaine.”

He Will Not Do “Street Gospel 2” Without DJ Quik

“[Quik] would have to produce it. I can play some shit for you that you would have think you heard Street Gospel 2. Yeah, real talk man. Right now, you know we’re putting together Planet Capricorn and I’m working on The Resurrection, my record featuring Tiptoe and Drezel. You know Pomona dirt. Them niggas wicked on the mic. We’re calling ourselves the bus clinic because you know I got this saying that I’m so tight with my spitting right now. I know nobody out there is working harder than me.”

What The Women In His Family Thought About His Music

“’Fuck you bitch’ is a universal language of men. If you’re French it’s [faux French]. Y’all muthafuckas know I’m a beast. I’m tired of having to water down what the fuck I want to say and that’s what I’m doing right now. Y’all going to think I’m a fucking monster ’cause boy. It was in my face. Quik was playing the tracks and I was like God damn. I didn’t have much time. I didn’t have time to think about nothing. We were in line waiting for this for years. I thought about my mother, sister, aunts and grandmother and everybody. I got beautiful women in my family. I didn’t give a fuck about what they thought about what I was saying about some women. Yeah, I think it’s pretty fucked up that you can just snatch a fucking baby and then go get married and then end up with three more kids. Then a muthafucka divorce yo ass, but then you come to my shows. Bitch you want to come talk business to me at my job? You know how many times I had to get security to get that bitch? Now maybe I was wrong for that because I missed my son, but underneath all of it, I don’t give a fuck. I don’t give a fuck and that’s why Suga Free is still here cause niggas can pop my tape in their car because they’re scared of that bitch.”

Suga Free & Snoop Dogg’s Relationship Goes Way Back

“We go far back. Dogg know when I’m getting ready to leave the room. Snoop is smart. If you’re an MC and you out here rapping, you better watch him. You see I get off stage drenched in sweat. If I’m not sweating like this, I feel like I haven’t done my job. Snoop look just as cool and calm getting on stage as he does getting off. We were in North Carolina one day and I was off stage breathing hard. I looked at him and said you always calm when you get out stage and he just laughed. Then all the girls started rushing him. I was like damn, the Lord didn’t make two people the same. It’s crazy. I think my nigga is one of the tightest niggas to ever touch the microphone, but Too Short is my favorite rapper. If this nigga was a blanket, he’d be a velour. I’m just a sleeping bag.”