Do we get a day off work for it?

Joey Badass continued to promote the April 7 release date for his upcoming album All-Amerikkkan Badassin a post on his own personal Instagram page.

Not only that, but he also declared the date “Global Hip Hop Appreciation Day,” and possibly with very good reason.

In case you’ve forgotten, when Kendrick shook up the scene by dropping “The Heart Part 4” on us all, he closed it by warning everyone that they’ve got until April 7 to get their shit together. Joey references this in his Instagram post, saying he’s “sure dot would agree” that April 7 is the date for appreciating Hip Hop.

But whether or not we get a new album from Kendrick on April 7, or a new track, or whatever K. Dot’s in the mood for, we’ll definitely have some Badass to listen to.

“Seeing human thought transformed into physical manifestation is something that will never cease to blow my mind. Here is my second album in my hand… correction* here is the last 2 years of my most critical thinking in physical form… go get that April 7th. (By the way 4/7 is officially the new global hip hop appreciation day and I’m sure dot would agree.)”

“This is bigger than life and I want to thank you for being apart of the journey! APRIL 7THHHHH! WE MAKING HISTORY BOUT TO CHANGE THE WORLD WITH THIS RAP SHIT!!! TUNE INTO THE VIBERATIONS!!!

Being born in 1995, Badass wouldn’t remember when KRS-One helped launch Hip Hop Appreciation Week, which has been running in May since the late ’90s. The goal of the week is to recognize Hip Hop as a legitimate international culture for peace and to decriminalize its public image. For 2017, the week is running from May 15-21.

The Universal Zulu Nation also recognizes Hip Hop History Month each November.

In any case, the more Hip Hop appreciation, the better.