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Method Man and Redman’s 2001 comedic stoner film How High is officially getting a sequel, to be titled Too High, Matt “M-80” Markoff exclusively revealed to HipHopDX on Thursday’s (February 9) DXLive segment on Facebook.

It’s happening. He brought in the full movie script and is currently looking to secure the bag to help finance the project that has been talked about since forever.

“Hopefully the world will get to see a so-called How High 2 as evident by this script here,” M-80 says as he holds up an autographed copy of the coveted screenplay. “My job is to go out and get all the monies because I’m really good at that.”

No word on when the movie will hit theaters but as soon as Markoff collects the money to make it happen, fans will be able to enjoy Part 2 of the THC-infused film. And yes, I Need Money will be part of it.

“There’s going to be lots more known cameos in this movie versus the original How High,” he continues.

There was previous talk that a How High sequel wouldn’t be happening because Redman supposedly put down the ganja, as pointed out by one of the DXLive viewers. Markoff was quick to put that rumor to rest and shared a short anecdote of a time when the Doc had a separate bag to collect all his weed at a show in Seattle.

“Red walks into the meeting with a vest on, one of those zip-up sweater vests and as he’s shaking hands, he stands up and a bag of weed this big falls out of the vest and I’m looking in the bag that I picked up off the ground and it’s like 50 different colors and I’m like, ‘What is this bag?’ and he’s like, ‘This is the bag for when people just give me weed and I just put it all in this bag,'” Matt recalls. “So yeah, that would never happen that he would stop smoking.”

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With delays slowing the project down for years, Method Man encouraged fans to create a petition back in 2013 to help push forward the How High 2 movie while waiting for Dustin Lee Abraham to write the screenplay.

In 2014, Redman spoke with MTV and revealed he had already written the storyboard plot summary with hopes of developing it under Universal Pictures and if not, Reggie Noble had plans of his own.

“We gonna do our own movie under our own shit and it will be heavily marijuana related,” Redman said in the interview.

Since Universal owns the rights to characters Silas and Jamal as well as the How High name, some things had to change, including their names and the title of the movie. There will be new character names and a different movie title, but the same concept.

Check out the full interview with Matt “M-80” Markoff on DXLive above.