Method Man and Redman’s beloved stoner flick How High may have been released well over a decade ago, but despite that lengthy period of time there hasn’t been much progress made when it concerns a sequel to the film.

TMZ recently caught up with Method Man who revealed that they’re currently waiting for Dustin Lee Abraham to write a screenplay for How High 2.

“Right now my man Dustin Lee Abraham, who wrote the first one, we’re currently waiting on him to write the second one. If it’s good enough, we’ll rush out the gate with it,” Method Man explained.

Method Man later alluded to there possibly being an issue with Universal and even encouraged fans to start a petition if they have any interest in seeing a sequel to How High.

“[If] Universal get the stick up out their ass. There’s a lot of people that want to see this movie,” said the Wu-Tang rapper. “Matter of fact, you guys should start a petition. Who wants to see How High Part 2? And once you start it then we’ll see where the big wigs heads are at.”

Released in 2001, How High featured Method Man and Redman as two marijuana smokers who were accepted into Harvard University.

Video of Method Man’s interview with TMZ can be seen below (via HotNewHipHop).

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