New York, NY

Jim Jones and Cam’ron became the top faces of the sprawling Diplomats super crew out of Harlem, with the pair dating their relationship back to when they were teenagers. Capo was a guest on Funkmaster Flex’s Hot97 radio show and got teary when talking about his currently-severed bond with Killa while also expressing some harsh words for the imprisoned Max B.

The interview opened up calmly enough with Flex mentioning Jones’ recent signing with Roc Nation. A heavily-bearded Jones answered Flex’s inquiry on when he met Cam’ron, saying that he did so around 1989 after running into the former basketball star while living with his aunt in Harlem.

From there, Jones gave a brief history lesson on Cam’ron and Mase’s rise in rap, which culminated into the development of the Children Of The Corn rap crew and other Harlem rappers like Herb McGruff, among others.

But it was around the 15-minute mark where things got tense as Jones talks about how Cam’ron’s career began to flourish and how he sought to keep the rising star safe from the trials of the streets.

“Cam was the person that got signed, he was the face card and I understood that,” said Jones. “I made everybody around me understand that. Like he’s the prized possession, he cannot be touched at all. If he get touched, we go down and that was the method, even with Juelz. They all knew I put my life on the line, I’ve been to trial for this.”

It was at this point Jones’ voice began to break with emotion, even explaining that he was so down for Cam that he took on over two dozen people by himself to defend his team’s honor. Jones also talks about fighting cases and gun charges when he was defending Cam’ron from harm in the streets, nearly growling in anger as he explained his side of things.

That same venom carried over around the 1:13 mark when Flex inquired about Jones’ relationship with Max B, who is rumored to be coming home sometime in the near future.

“He can die where he stand, I ain’t got time to talk about a person in jail,” said Jones. “My heart don’t fold, you can violate me a certain way type of way, that’s for life.”

Jones also goes into a potential beef brewing with French Montana, asking the rapper to “shoot the fair one” and laughing at the rapper while Flex tried to calm the situation down to some degree. Jones threw a slight shot saying that an upcoming track from Juelz Santana titled “Dip’d In Coke” featuring Cam’ron and French makes them “the new Diplomats.”

Check out the entire Jim Jones interview in the clip above.